Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Guys who can cook....

Hye everyone..what is it about guys who can cook...?
do girls like guy who can cook??
if you want my answer definitely YES!!!
and yes I believe most of the guys will say other way round..

and believe me too...If you want a girl to impress you..
this cook thing might work...
let just say, when guys can cook...most of girls look at you differently..
I mean differently...in a good way...

Don't you think guy who cook for his girl (okay for married couple)
definitely sooooooo ROMANTIC...
or it might also...
Is it because... having a man who can cook better than you gives you a great excuse to avoid the kitchen work?

so...what do you think? 


  1. No wonder Sanji in One Piece is a very romantic guy, because he is a cooker too ;D

    But if the guy can cook, later after marriage the husband will always get bullied by the wife to cook for her ;P

  2. not bully the husband ma...that's what we call love...hehehe...

  3. somehow, bila jadi org bujang yang berkelana kat tempat orang, at least kena la tau masak makanan2 yg simple..

    H dulu start belajar memasak masa mak sakit..time tu baru nak belajar masak nasik..hahaha..sekarang ni Alhamdulillah..boleh la masak beberapa juadah yg mudah2..


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