Monday, October 29, 2012

review place to shop : Payless

Hello everyone... I would like to make a short review about Payless store.. Have you been there?

It's best place to shop shoes, boots and sandals. Average price around rm60-rm70, quite reasonable because the quality are superb. I always bought sandals here, already bought 2 pairs of sandals.
I like they organise the items according to size to make much easier on finding and at the same time convenient to do the payment and everything.

The best thing is the items always change according to season. Summer, Spring, Autumn and even winter..I mean even here in Malaysia, we are not having this season phenomena but we can experience it with our footwear..

Not to forget, Payless also sell sunglasses, scarf and even hat. So, why don't you go to this store by yourself and check their cool and awesome items.  


  1. love payless. seriously :)

  2. yeahhh rara...geng...high5 skit

    ocha...sunway,paradigm mall...that's where I always go

  3. oh, lupa la yg terserempak hari tu kaaaaannn...~

  4. cool shop and place......boleh ler singgah nanti...he3

  5. Thanks Anisa! Would love to go there soon. Xpenah masuk payless bcos I tot they're too expensive. Wah...kena gi nih...need a pair of winter boots =)


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