Thursday, October 04, 2012

Whatchuwant is back with BIG surprises: Pimp My Ride

Hello everyone...Are you Xpax user? Have you heard about Whatchuwant?
I do heard about it...and yet..I've used this Whatchuwant package before...
check this out..

(malay post)
Xpax are so kind to give lots of cool prizes for this whole Whatchuwant campaign..
RM 10,000 perday...wooo..take it easy..there's more...keep yourself together..

Samsung 40” Full HD LED TV, the Pioneer Blu-Ray Front Surround System, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0” and Nikon Coolpix Waterproof AW100!

It is not just amazing but.....super-awesome....

Nuffnang again promoting on Whatchuwant..and I don't want to miss it again...
click on Whatchuwant website for further detail..

6 packs to be chose according what you like..

What is the surprise that they offer??? PIMP MY RIDE..

This is where your car could change into something much more awesome..
cool stereo, spinning wheels, car design in fire for examples..because Pimp My Ride one of my favourite reality show when it was hit way back then on MTV..
how they change the 'junk' car into will blow your mind...
so...where's my car??

yellow my favourite stick with this colour..
door maybe design something...because it seem so plain...
the wheels seems small, it will be nice it the wheel can make my car look higher..
as I've lowered it.. 
I love to listen to music...but not too loud..
I have my own playlist on my mp4...

It will worth it to pimp my ride because I want to change my car more sporty and shows my personality which good for this program to be featured in...
Please choose me as your winner because it will be my wildest dream to experience it with you..

Please, Pimp My Ride...

 That's all from me... Thank you for reviewing me...

for those nuffnang who interested as well, you can join as the contest ends 
12.00pm, 21st October 2012 (Friday).

hope this review helps!! 


  1. Good Luck yer.. Best hadiahnye

  2. terima kasih... tu la memang menarik kan...

  3. wah..ohsemnya hadiah..gud luck ya ^_^

  4. wish u luck ^^

  5. no, im digi user .. hahha.. do come to my blog :) ade promosi untuk EOS lipbalm yg super HOTT ! limited :)

  6. thanks guys...really appreciate it..

  7. Best hadiah.. Good Luck..

  8. gd luck ye dear


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