Monday, October 29, 2012

Solution for spam...

Hello everyone... Do you remember this post ----> Spam is it??

do you want to know how do I solve it?

By deleting the post that spam always interupt..

It is I delete my post on "Promote Blog Kawan"
I have to delete now I don't have this kind of problem anymore..
So you won't feel irritate by this kind of spam ever again.


  1. bykkn spam... baik buang seblm parah

  2. bestnyeee tak pernah kena...

  3. spam ada dimana2.... selalu jer terkena.......he3

  4. tahu xpe...but now...not anymore

  5. tq share this ye

  6. mudah jer nak elak spam yg bertubi2 hinggap kt blog kita ni iaitu dgn disable anonymous drp comment :)


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