Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My 5 favourite Justin Bieber Quotes and Sayings

Hello everyone... As I go through website,suddenly I found this awesome 
Justin Bieber Zone.. but what's make me want to read more is all his best quotes..

so, I share my 5 favourite quotes from him

It's your dream..make it into reality..

I guess Justin do learn something about relationship..

Positive words from him..


  1. like juga hehehe

  2. bermakna apa yang dia cakap tu :)

  3. errr...sebab biebier , saya tak nak ..haha .. saya tak suka dia

  4. rara, kan...hahhaa...

    larh syaifuddin tak semesti kena minat la...

  5. pfft~
    JB also said he hate anime in his tweet..

    i hate him --_____--

    *flip table*


thanks for the comment(s) and enjoy to read more

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