Monday, October 08, 2012

Blogger Most Commenter

hye guys...hope everyone is fine...yeahh it's monday..
I'm still trying to love monday... I will like to introduce blogger Most Commenter at this blog
since he follow my blog...he will be the first one to comment every post I publish..
Every blog I check in..he will be there too..
I'm so impress with him...he seems have this special power...
can be everywhere at once (okay2...enough on bluffing here)

who is this person....well, go check his blog..
click here to see for yourself
owh I've noticed he already change his header...
so...for most commenter...I present you...
Everythings everything... 

p/s: keep on writing okay mr.everything2...
really like to read your post... treat this as something that I can do for your blog..


  1. sila2...elok la tu en.HH...time awak dipromote...dia dtg terjah awak...bagus2...kalau korang jadi rapat lepas ni...memang epik la...

  2. Wahhh..Special power to be everywhere?
    Aiyoo no special power la, and I like to read this blog too :D
    hahaha.. thanks a lot for review ^^

  3. don't mention was nothing...pleasure to do so

  4. dia memang rajin jom2 blog dia hebat..hehe

  5. dia memang sangat rajin komen, balas komen..
    memang selalu terjah blog dia...
    sebab dia rajin komen, memang ramailah yang turut komen kat blog dia.. ^_^

  6. ramai orang cakap dia rajin.. :P

  7. yup3.. Daisuki-kun always seems to be on9 right? ngehehe.. XD


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