Thursday, November 08, 2012

Another customize website you should visit : Adidas

Hello everyone, yesterday I introduced to you the M&M customize website (here)
today, it's Adidas turn..hehehe..

I show you by my example Women's shoe

first, there will be lot of shoe to select, to customize please select that can only be customize.
next is to choose the shoe that you want

then at the left side of the bar, you can see and customize
according what you like: style, performance, personalize and size

there are for men, women, original and performance that can be customize.
other than shoes, you also can see other categories

why don't you try it yourself by visiting their website

for me it is easy to do the customize but as you can see the price of it..
It will be an awesome gift to have..


  1. wah..adidas... kegemaran saya tu...

  2. nk g terjah jap

  3. dah lama tak pakai sport wear...... hu3.....

  4. kasut sukan smpai dh jd nk beli skrg dh kurg senaman..ehhe..xde koleksi :-)

  5. sama la minat adidas...tu yg nk kasi habaq kat korg..

  6. dah lama tak beli kasut sukan...

  7. wahh.. coolnye leh design sendri. tp haz lbh prefer sneakers style. hihi

  8. wah bestnya...nasib aku lebih gemar berselipar jepun...


thanks for the comment(s) and enjoy to read more

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