Wednesday, August 17, 2011

next semester time table

after i register the courses that
  i want to take  for next semester
so,this is the time table

actually there is one more subject
that I cannot find the time table in the system
Experimental Design...
it seems like heaven huh??
holiday on Thursday and free everyday in the morning..
btw,it is not fix yet
so hope I can hanging there
since my time table will be pack in the evening
uuurrggghh,how am I want to do meeting
with my club??
 and I hope with all of free time..
I can score in all of my subjects. 
I want to perform well in my quizes,tests and even project
before the final exam of course..(^_^)


  1. hoh??? mcm xde kelas jea???

  2. syde03: hahaha..yeke?? ada la...

    @heidi: thanks..lepas raya nnt la=)

  3. kalau masa degree dulu, hari jumaat mesti nak kasi kosong....sbb khamis dah boleh balik kampung dah....hahaha

  4. wahhhhh...jeles sudeh...hehhee....
    tu la..kalau la tak da kelas ari jumaat tu...

  5. pergh tak de morning class~~~

  6. haha...jgn ckp..tah2 yang subject yang xjmpe jadual tu kang ada kelas pagi...


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