Friday, August 19, 2011

real life csi scene

have you been in situation
where actually on scene..
it must not just be on murder case.
for me,yeah i do have experience on it..
my house just like in the CSI drama.
take the fingerprint,evidence...
i also become the witness.
just before my family went out,
i found out there were 2 stranger persons
just wondering around in front of my house.
i told the police what i saw..
gave the full details about it..
the police asked me a lot of questions.
and the best part was...after 1-2 weeks later
they were been arrested. 
my description give information about them,
but it just they changed their hair style..
so that,no one will recognise them..
so,what about you guys?? have the same experience as i am?
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