Friday, August 12, 2011


when was the last time that you have conversation in English with your friends?
last month? last week? what? never?
it is never been to late anyway..
as for me..I really apply it a month before took MUET exams.
My lecturer insist that we must speak in English within a month among ourselves.
I do aware that grammar is my most fear of..
but at least I try,right? like I always hold on to my words,
"Better do it,rather than you will regret it for the rest of your life,
whether you have done it or not,people might keep saying it
SO JUST DO IT" <trademark of nike?> 

and sometimes I do mix up with Malay and English,
but I feel sorry for my friend that told me this,
"I feel so sick when you mix up Malay and English when you are talking"
I guess it does sound sick isn't it? 
but you know what, I am happy for it and proud of it.
for this entry, I would like to make others not to be ashamed to try talk in English
they might have something in mind,"English?? will not be necessary to know it"
or maybe someone might say, "She is just showing off.."
for me..I really don't like language subject..but it is part of my daily life.
I need to do something,not just sit and doing nothing..
<although i do that all the time hik hik hik>
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