Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nuffnang celebrates 6th Blog Day

I proudly present one of my favourite with not in particular order. One of Nuffnang Malaysia big event in conjunction  "6th Blog Day" this upcoming 31st of August 2011.
If you Nuffnang subscribers are welcome to participate it and be a part of one of Nuffnang events.
Just go to the main website of Nuffnang Malaysia. The submit dateline is on 31st August 2011 at 11:59p.m.
I really like this blog and the person because he always give me advise and guidance in this blog world. He always update his blog in his own way on advices and real life issues.
For this blog, I do like it which is simple and nice. Although he is just the beginner in blogging but there are a lot of information that  he shared.
I choose this blog because I always read this blog. She always give guidance to me which I do like it.
I like this blog because the blogger herself very creative on making doodles. She even teach others to do so.
What I like most about this blog..her imagination on doodles beyond my imagination.
Sometimes I believe her look just like her drawing on doodles.
For this blog, the entry most of it is her personal life. I really enjoy this blog. One of the blog that I always read.

This blog is obviously truly K-Pop Fan which I am enjoy read it. Besides, this blog update on K-Pop information but at the same time,he is sharing his opinion about it. It is show that he really enjoy most on K-Pop phenomena..
This is the list of 6 blog that I really recommend all of you to see and read it. I love all the 6 of them. Some of them, I know personally and some are not. In a way, I do enjoy with their blog.
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