Tuesday, August 16, 2011

register course for next semester

as for today most of my classmates
all begin to worried about what courses or subjects that they
want to take for next semester
there are some of my friends will be last semester for next semester
and there also need to extend another semester
whatever that they decide are the best for them

because to register the courses for the first time in 
my semester break,I call my friend..
<what?? hahaha..just call for a good purpose huh??>
the good thing for today is....
all of us ask each other opinion, give advise to
work much more harder for next semester..
happy register for my friends??
hope have a 'nice' time table for next semester hahaha (^_^)


G3-lina said...

i wonder why word nice is in '...' ? MCM ADA UDANG D SBALIK MEE JE.. ngeee..

done following u girl,. iyup!! minat iler at anime

ANISA said...

nice refer kalau cantik jadual,orait la...kalau pack seharian....uurrrgghhh tak ke leh jadi gila...


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