Friday, August 12, 2011

"rain,rain don't go away.."

You might be wonder why I say such thing, "rain,rain don't go away.."
Let just say, I'm so glad because....
First, I don't have to water the plants which that would be one of my routines.
My mum like gardening so much. She is totally good on plant it, take care of it.
and it is a good thing for us as her children. So that we can be responsible to take care it as well..
even though, I don't like to do it at first. but when rain come, I will be 'joyful' about it <wink,wink>
Second, when I was kid.. I really like to play in the rain. 
although, I was been scolded by my parents about it but I really love it.
As I grow much older, I know it is not good for my health anyway.
Third, I did remember that my friends and I used to make sound of frogs,
so that it will be NO Physical Education class (what we use to called PJK)
and NO assembly..(yeahhhh)
no need to bring our sweat pants and t-shirt to school.
We rather stay in class..
the most thing that I don't understand with my friend is..
whenever it was raining he will asked me this,
"nisa..hujan ni..ada kelas tak?"
and I will reply his text like this,
"hape ko ingat kita belajar kat luar ke?"
I think he just want to use it as an excuse not to attend class..
and yes, there are still disadvantages when it comes to rain..
"rain is a blessing gift from Allah.."

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