Thursday, September 22, 2011

"I am creative in my own way"

hye everyone..
do you feel that you are creative person?
you have your own way of thinking?
feel impress with it?

as for me.. what I feel for the creative things that I do
when I managed to get a low price for my far as I could
remember...when I was in semester 1..
what I do is..just be nice to the owner..that's all..

creative is when we will thinking differently and
it is seems to have a lot of ideas..

Ha!! I remember I play a go-cart with my brothers
along time ago..and I win..
how I win?? way I will tell it here..

My teacher once told me to watch a lot of cartoons
especially Sponge is just because he really like it..
I think sooo too..If we have a good imagination..
how to have a good imagination by having a nice simulation of graphic
or something like the cartoons..

how about you? what do you think about creative?
p/s : based on my lecture syllabus

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