Sunday, February 19, 2012

Review on Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance

hye to all of you who read this..
I just watch Ghost Rider 2 this evening..and it was AWESOME
more scarier than the first one..
Of course the demon part, I don't take it seriously..
when ever Johnny Blaze or the ghost rider change his ride
to other rather than his just wow...
you guys should watch it,by yourself..

this time around, he is trying a kid which the demon believe
that he will be the next King Of Demon..

I give 4 STARS from 5 as the rating for the my opinion..
the graphic, sounds are marvelous..
If it watch in 3D,it must be more scarier...

the moral value:
1. experience make us to become wiser in decision making (the agreement with the demon)
2. always finish your work (please for is dirty work..don't follow)
3. always keep the promise (Johnny Blaze keep his promise)
 and there's more....

that's all from me..but before that I just not satisfied that the Ghost Rider 
outfit,it look not soooo cool than before... 

watch it in cinema near you NOW

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