Tuesday, February 28, 2012

#2 one word : coffee

hye there... it is good to be back..
one word for today is about coffee.

it is my one of favourite drink..besides iced lemon tea..
my favourite flavor should be LATTE..
drink coffee good for you..seriously.
rich with anti-oxidants.. but just dont take too much...remember it is still have caffeine.

local brand, foreign brand...
If you drink the Brazilian coffee which can get usually from 7 Eleven,
you might end up can't sleep like whole day..
believe me.. I've been through this..

when I was 16 years old, I was addicted to it sooo badly..
If I don't drink it, it's like my day was not complete..

and now,if I drink coffee for an excuse to make me awake at very late night..
the truth is...it won't work to me.. it just still the same..

that's all from me..how about you?
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