Thursday, February 23, 2012

it just a number

hye to all of you..
yesterday, UiTM students received results and I believe some of us
got good news or bad news..

at this time of stage, maybe we look up and say,
"I shouldn't play around" or
"If I stay focused.." or "I feel so down right now"
"is this for real? really?"
it's all mixed up feeling,right?

the acceptance for the reality, that really count most..
If you still have time, don't waste it..
what already happen, just put it behind..
work better for your future..

so,now you know what you do wrong in past,
don't make the same mistake..

who did great, congratulations and deserve it..
who did not so well, this is not the end.. just get up..fight back..
get motivated by reading good stories..
but for me I love watch Naruto if I feel down..

not all the time, we will be on top..
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