Thursday, February 16, 2012

#12 Spontaneous Thursday

hye everyone.. for today Spontaneous Thursday, I would like to say I'm so glad for Chris Brown.
I mean of course, he doesn't related to me.. He seems different a good way..
I like his music, dance... his song always move me..

I do feel sad what ever happen between him and Rihanna 
but I like his determination..maybe some of us just see what are bad things about him..but not me..

now, he has cool hit songs
collaborate with Pitbull (International Love), Justin Bieber (Next to You)
during the Grammys, he prove that his come back to the world something that is worthy..
what impress me most...Chris Brown and Rihanna can share the same stage make their performance..
Just keep it up (^_^)

this is show, we not all the time be on top...
never give up.. you only lost if you quit..  
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