Friday, February 24, 2012

must buy this book: A Series Of Unfortunate Event

hye to all of you. It's been a pleasure to present to you
'A Series Of Unfortunate Event' books

sorry a bit blury

you might not familiar with it, because it does not franchise for whole series like Harry Potter
or Twilight.. 

remember for this entry : segmen : aku dan novel
I only collected for this four series only..
I just can't keep up with it..
If you all want different ending stories, this might be good one..
even the author of the book (Lemony Snicket) already give warning 
"If you don't like sad or no happy ending,please don't read this book"
(sort of like that)
another review about books..
#support people to love read books


cik dila.. said...

macam best laaa..nisa tolong bacakan yee utok dila..bedtime story.hehe :P

ubaidillah zulkefli said...

dapat komisyen promote ke??keh3

ANISA said...

cik dila: wahhh...jadi bedtime story

ubai: tak da la...ikhlas nieh...

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