Friday, September 21, 2012

4 Photograph-er & their blog

hye I am still in the mood to promote blogs that I follow....this time around they share one thing  in common...which to take beautiful pictures...that's why we call them...photograph-er (pronounce as photographer with slang) here goes...without any particular order..

1. Blog Eazy Izzuddin

one thing for sure that this guy have one in common with me....LOVE YELLOW so much...never bored to watch his pictures especially with his friends..

2.Firdaus Zulkifli Photography Blog

this is my schoolmate when I was studied in SAMURA... Most of his pictures are taken when he is with his friends in scenery was just nice to watch....It makes me feel that I want to be there...

3. Khairul Azkar

He is also my schoolmate in SAMURA...he is professional guys can check his blog to see his piece...and creativity...maybe some of you know him..

4.Photography is my Passion

this blog seems to be one of my favourite blog about photographing.... I always speechless when I saw his, go check it out....and you will understand what I was saying...

make sure you guys see it by yourself.... this is part of the sharing what I like to see....and try to be amazed with it....

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