Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Post was just too short??

hye are you?? hope you guys do just fine..
me?? hahaha never feel better...what I mean is...when I'm on the road...
my driving much better now..(not related,but you just listen to it,okay?)

Is it true?? my post are short?
I mean...short read it like maybe 15 seconds or something like that..

I don't know...maybe it is true...most of my post are short..
because I don't want people get boring to read it..
I'm more to straight forward...
or...should I long it a little bit more?

how about you guys? what should I do?
make it a bit longer than usual? or...
Is it my English post make you guys feel uncomfortable? what should I do?


Crew Fathi said...

Boring2... Hahaha.. So Cute kartun tu.. ^_^

Everything's Everythings said...

Well its your blog so just type whatever you are comfortable with ^^
And if its a bit longer also I think I can still read it inshaAllah..

English writing - Malaysian + others country can be your reader

Malay writing - Malaysian only

Michelle Hopell said...

pendek tu lagi org suka nak baca sis.
sy pun suka buat entri pendek2 but sometimes panjang jugak la,ikut luahan hati. hehe..
bahasa omputeh tu takde masalah kot.. kadang2 sya taip campur2 dlm entri,setakat mana sy tahu je. haha :D

Anisa Anuar said...

thanks guys...maybe lepas ni try pjg2 sikit la...kalau tak baca...siap la...

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