Wednesday, December 05, 2012

My Next Big Project

Hye guys... So, how is it going for everyone?
Hope you guys not having bad time.. Me?
Just spend my holiday...while my friends busy working out their 
technical report for our Final Year Project (FYP)

so, what is this my Next Project..
Since, right now I'm not that busy..stay at home
and organized this segment for My Favourite Post 2012
which I'm so dilemma to pick the best Favourite Post of all..

okay back to my next big project..
I'm doing this some sort of short stories..
in Malay anyway.. Although I know, I'm not good in writing
I just like to try it out..but the problem is..
I don't figure out the tittle for my story yet..

It's definitely not a love story
but more to pursuing what you want to what we do best..
So, I would like to give a few friend of mine to read it
and listen to their comment and make improvement..

I just start the first chapter of the story last night.
Do I look so nothing to do? hehe..
ohh in the mean time, I do need to revise a few things for my presentation later on.

Now, for my next big thing..I'm ready with my Microsoft Office
 One Note 2007 and get writing and more ideas coming.
Just pray for me that I won't stop until I finish it,okay?
thanks everyone..
with lots of love, ANISA


fendy abu said...

all da best..

Anisa Anuar said...

thanks... =)

Remy hazza said...

happy writing!!!!
all the best!

Shasha Yacob said...

do the best ! ;)

Anisa Anuar said...

you guys make me cry... *sob,sob*

Mar Haini Abdul Rahim said...

gud luck nisa ! u can do the best, blogger mesti power :D

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