Segmen : I Want Doodle From Miss Sammy

Hello everyone.. It's time to join other people segment..
I need to support others too hihihihii..
So, did you saw my header up there?? 
yeahh..It was done by this blogger, Miss Sammy..

So, she's just kind want to give you guys 
her should stopping by at her blog to look at her artwork.

click the banner to go to the blogger segment's post.
and for those who want blog-walking+get new friends+doodle
this is just a right segment for you..

for Sammy, you make your first segment..just like me..
so, keep up a good work.. I do hope you get good response for this segment.

I do request to Miss Sammy my own doodle before,want to see it...?

actually, it is like my own imaginary doll..just simple and cute..
well, the date end not decided yet..but you better hurry up..

I forgot to add up request colour for the doodle
ermm..let me think for a while..
I want purple combine with pink or blue (try either of it as long as it is nice)
if cannot combine..just purple..


boni kacak said…
good luck awak :)
Remy hazza said…
comel... gud luck!!!!
ELeEa said…
Good luck n selamat bersegmen =)
fendy abu said…
good luck...
Mas Zull said…
assalamualaikum anisa...cantik2 la...:)
hazwan hairy said…
gudluck ok...bgus join bnda2 cmni blh tmbh followers n kenal ngn org2 baru...
Anisa Anuar said…
jom la join sama korang...hehhee =)
Sheila Salim said…
Assalamualaikum.. bestnya kalau dapat free doodle :)
dtg dari segmen yg sama... selamat berdoodle ye... :P
xXx chaos xXx said…
segmen update ^^

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