Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Official One Direction Movie Poster #1DTHISISUS

Hey to all 1 Directioners fan out there..
Have you heard about their new movie coming up??
I'm excited to hear that too..

If you look closely at the backdrop of the posters,
there were actually fans picture.
Pictures were sent by their fans through instagram.
That's a good medium and create something simple and creative.
It sure soooo small and if they really 1 Direction fanatic fan, 
they will find their own picture...

for news about 1 Direction, please visit their Google+ website


Haruno Hana 하나 said...

minat gak ngan 1D! hehe.. tapi takdelah fanatik sangat :)

Condoriano said...

Im a directioner :)
One way or another, im gonna getcha..

Nurul Hidayah said...

urmm.. baru ni dengarlah... ketinggalan ketapi kah aku? huhu..
nnt nk tanye pakcik gugel la :)

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