Countdown to Back Street Boys Celebrating 20 Years

This 20th of April is going to be 20th Anniversary Back Street Boys.
I really want to go to their anniversary...
but I think I will support here at my home. 
I had been to their concert, saw them with my own naked eye.
Let just say, I am totally growing up listen to their songs.
Just name the tune and I am surely can name it.

I am surely proud of them because on April 22, 2013 
they will be in the Hollywood Walk of Fame in the category of Recording.
Congratulations on behave from your beloved fan..ME!!!

for more news about their Celebrating 20 Years, visit this website


boni kacak said…
feveret band boy saya ni.hehehehehe
BSB :D :D :D all time fav!
eh anisa minat ke BSB ni...
Aku Penghibur said…
wahhhh lagend fav nie
lagu2 bsb semuanya best2 :)
Remy hazza said…
remy membesar bersama mereka..... terasa muda kembali...he3

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