Tuesday, April 30, 2013

POU | My new addiction

Hey guys.. About this new addiction..at first, I was kinda not interested with it..
but as soon as I have it... I just can't stop play with it..

this is when he is too hungry because I forgot to feed him up.
Yeah.. I give a name to my pou, my rockey_jr..
Not just me who play, feed and clean him up.. 
my other siblings who also eager to do it too..
See how chubby he is..he can become so plump as I feed him...
later on I will give fat burner to make him slim back..

As for the game, I will make a bet with my brothers 
"Who can beat my high score?? wahahahahaha (evil laugh)"
I really enjoy to have this which remind on the late 90's where we used to have cyber pet
but since I can't afford to buy it so I just look other people play with it..

picture from google

how about you guys?? any POU here too??


Haruno Hana 하나 said...

Hana pun download gak, tapi bagi adik aje main.. hehe.. takut addicted over dose ^^

Remy hazza said...

hari2 tgk my laling main budak comel nie......

Hatimi Tahirruddin said...

wah mcm menarik ni nanti nak try jugak lah....

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