Tuesday, April 30, 2013

POU | My new addiction

Hey guys.. About this new addiction..at first, I was kinda not interested with it..
but as soon as I have it... I just can't stop play with it..

this is when he is too hungry because I forgot to feed him up.
Yeah.. I give a name to my pou, my rockey_jr..
Not just me who play, feed and clean him up.. 
my other siblings who also eager to do it too..
See how chubby he is..he can become so plump as I feed him...
later on I will give fat burner to make him slim back..

As for the game, I will make a bet with my brothers 
"Who can beat my high score?? wahahahahaha (evil laugh)"
I really enjoy to have this which remind on the late 90's where we used to have cyber pet
but since I can't afford to buy it so I just look other people play with it..

picture from google

how about you guys?? any POU here too??

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