Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Modest Sea Giveaway! | Dearest Lou

hye to all of you out there...hope everyone fine today..
for today's entry I have been invited to join this Giveaway...
I feel such an honor for the invitation.

for further details, you can click to this link Modest Sea Giveaway.
Modest Sea allow women to choose their swimwear according to how much they want to cover.
I believe some of us really want to have a proper swimwear especially Muslim woman.
The swimwear very feminine and fashionable, form fitting and not baggy which suitable for aquatic activities.

As been stated on their website, it is an Italian-made AcquaZero water repellant fabric.
It will prevent the water instead of soaking it will just roll right off.
It is very please to have the swim suit like big t-shirt.
It also can match with the swim suit with cool and swag head cover to protect the head and for us Muslim woman..

excited to hear this, right?
so am I, you can also visit Modest Swimwear official website
I'm so glad to be apart of this Give away..

1 comment:

  1. Hey girl just so you know if you visit their site and let me know which swimsuit you would like to win you can be entered in the contest so you can win it! (:(:


    Just leave a comment on the Modest Sea Giveaway that says which one you would like to win (:


thanks for the comment(s) and enjoy to read more

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