Friday, March 16, 2012

he just worried

hye to all of you.. yesterday, I wrote something on my wall facebook..
here goes..

and then, I got a text message from my dad..
he said I just need to relax,surfing and no need to study for awhile..
actually, I really happy that my dad say those to,that I can stay focus..
and yeah,his word do make me focus in class..evening class..

bapak, thanks for believe in me..
I will make you proud..and I would like to share all of you what my dad say to me in facebook

every night I will call him..just want to chat..
hehehe...mummy, this is not mean that I love you less..
hehe.. that's all from me..

sincerely, a daughter who just love her parents so much..
thank you for everything.. I will stay focus when I'm in Shah Alam.. #enthusiastic


Edy Zaidi said...

so nice dad...tiba2 rindu kat arwah ayah

Gen2Merah said...

good luck for your exam.... nice..
salam ukhuwah salam persahabatan..

Ayumi Comot said...

so great u have that kind of father...suwitttt:)

Santri T.P.I.N.I said...

baiknya ayah dia... penulis tidak pernah mengenal kasih sayang ayah selama ini...

ummuathiyah said...

bersyukur kite ad bapak yg penyayang =)

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