Friday, March 09, 2012

#4 one word : phobia

hi to all of you.. for today one word is about phobia..
or should i say fobias because i have more than one fobia..hehe obviously..

1. phobia of frogs.. if I found this creatures, I feel miserable.. I will rather said, I don't like amphibians..

2. phobia of heights. I think mostly of us will feel the same..

3. phobia to speak what's on my mind.. is this consider phobia? well, you see I try to be honest with my friends but it end up in bad way.. 

4. phobia to speak in front of hundreds of people.. even I was on stage for traditional dance, drama and presentation, still have that stage-frighten.

If I make a list of my phobia, it just more than this.. how about you? I make this entry to say that I'm in a process to overcome what I fear of.. what ever it is, I will endure this matters..

#inspire others to overcome their fear and become a stronger person..
p/s: I don't use specific term for each phobias..hehehe XD
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