Sunday, March 11, 2012

a long time ago, I was..

hye to all of you... It's been awhile.. for today's entry just want to share what I was before..

1. I was a dancer. more to the traditional dance (indian dance, chinese, Gamelan) . I had also done a lot of dance performance. It started when I was in standard 5.. The thing that I don't prefer to do it at that time wore make up (tonnes of make up which make me look like a hideous monster after finish the performance)
I think that will make sense why now I don't like wear make up..

2.I was an actress?? just for small role.. not really good in acting anyway...

3. I was a rapper?? not that in bad thing, you know someone who can speak so fast with sync and melody.. i my own definition.. when I play a role in drama at my school, my character is someone who is hip-hop boy who love music..and yeah I have to play boy character.. but as the times goes by, my skill not been develop,so this rapper thing just stop like that..

among this three, what I really miss most to be a dancer.. but it's okay.. anyway, I like to watch other people dance.. just swag thing man!! hehehe... tap dance, hip hop, contemporary..

how about you guys?? that's all from me..


  1. I was a singer..hahaha..believe it or not?

  2. huhuhu tak faham sebab saya tak pandai BI sangat...

  3. a long time ago, i was a person who really love lee jun ki.. bahaha

  4. i love makan ikan singgang hehe
    gurau je

    nice blog


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