Monday, March 04, 2013


Hello everyone. Have you heard the new show on MTV? Catfish is when a person pretend to be someone else that you're actually think that online with by false their information, use other people pictures that usually the intention is getting someone to fall in love with you.

This reality show give documentary on reality how to catch the catfish. The bad thing about this approach is when that person might actually lying about it and you can get hurt. Well in positive side, you can prevent for worst scenario might happen.

The thing that we can learn on this tv show when there is someone out there just too good to be true. Example she or he might be a model or actor that want to approach you. Please don't trust this..This one of the thing that I can come out with. So, why don't you guys try to watch this show and see for yourself. 


  1. hehe sebenarnya rancangan2 camni la yg buat sy nyampah dgn MTV...nape la astro terminate channel V dulu...haishhh...

  2. dah mcm2 reality show skrg nie......


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