Friday, March 08, 2013

Celebrate Your Partner's Victories

How do you feel when your friend are winning? or they won on competition? How would you react to it? Most of us sure have this kind of problem how to celebrate your partner's victories and I am pleasure to give you some tips.

1. When seeing your partner in victory, you can encourage and praising for their success. That's what commonly people would do.

2. You can also acknowledging every time they take even very small steps towards their goals. Your praise sure make your friend become more motivated and so are you.

3. Show appreciation on their hard work, effort and team work if you are in a team.

4. Being a "mutual admiration" --- never talk badly about each other. Please avoid this from happen. 

5. If you find it so hard to be a positive partner by compare yourself badly why don't you look at your relationship with partner's other good thing.

I hope this tips could help you how to celebrate your partner's victory. Celebrate it doesn't mean that need to have parties or cake, it is more than enough if you just congratulate them. By celebrate your partner's victories, it can make your relationship with your partner more bonding, support on another and create friendly environment. 

note to self : try to celebrate your friend's victories by text or even give a card.

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