Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My Reading : Ultimate Boy Band Book

Hello everyone. As soon as all the books were paid at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, I was read this book. Ultimate Boy Band Book. yeah, you can laugh all you want as I read this book. I bought it with only RM5. Even though it is what we can say as an 'old' book but I really enjoy myself read this book. In this book shows how the boy band group were created and what will be the future for the boy band. I guess there is some sort of formulation on create the boy band that might be use by new comers or even k-pop for idol group. All in the boy band were referred to the Back Street Boys sure I feel proud for them. Other boy band story such as N'sync, 98 Degrees, PlusOne, C Note were cover in that book. Now a decade had past by, some of them did achieve something and others they might do too but maybe in other field or do something great. As I read this, all the 90's memory are coming back so hard. Now, I know why my mummy bought Back Street Boys cassette when I was 5 years old. Let just say, I really grew up with their songs and somehow do inspire me. So, anyone of you want to borrow this book from me?? hehehe..
Wait another book review as now I read it.

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