Tuesday, March 05, 2013

My Reading : Ultimate Boy Band Book

Hello everyone. As soon as all the books were paid at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, I was read this book. Ultimate Boy Band Book. yeah, you can laugh all you want as I read this book. I bought it with only RM5. Even though it is what we can say as an 'old' book but I really enjoy myself read this book. In this book shows how the boy band group were created and what will be the future for the boy band. I guess there is some sort of formulation on create the boy band that might be use by new comers or even k-pop for idol group. All in the boy band were referred to the Back Street Boys sure I feel proud for them. Other boy band story such as N'sync, 98 Degrees, PlusOne, C Note were cover in that book. Now a decade had past by, some of them did achieve something and others they might do too but maybe in other field or do something great. As I read this, all the 90's memory are coming back so hard. Now, I know why my mummy bought Back Street Boys cassette when I was 5 years old. Let just say, I really grew up with their songs and somehow do inspire me. So, anyone of you want to borrow this book from me?? hehehe..
Wait another book review as now I read it.


  1. bestny dpt p Big Bad Wolf Book Sale..kalo sy dpt p msti dh mnggila borong buku..

  2. hai nisa.. sory lama tak dtg blog nisa.. wah.bestnya dpt pergi book sale.. fiq pun suka borong buku!!! huhu..nak2 dh dpt baucer buku skrg.. hehe :)

  3. assalamualaikum anisa....lama dah x singgah ke sini...:)

  4. OMGeee...katne beli ni...?? bestnyaa!

  5. boy band yg menjadi kegilaan remaja seusia remy dulu......


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