Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inspiring me ECX Showdown 2011

I watch Showdown 2011 since the 1st week
and yeah sometimes I missed it
even though i-city is just not far from my place
but I would prefer to watch on TV
ever since the show start, I always support the ELECOLDXHOT (ECX)
they inspire me
they creativity, hard work
although I'm not a street dancer,but I really like they dance

the final Showdown 2011 was end a month ago
but I think it was not too late for me to congratulate them
so I hope they still keep dance, which they really good at

the best performance that I will like to watch on and on
will be the Live Show on Week 8
'Magic' as the theme
for me it's so flawless
keep inspire on others

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