Monday, July 18, 2011

Best and worst job 2011

all the top 5 are in FSKM

proud to be one of the course that I take to be 
number 8 on the list
on best and worse job 2010 on wall street journal...
and up to number 4 in 2011
when I want to choose what are the courses that I would like to take
all in the list
1st: statistician
2nd: actuary
other I don't remember
the reason that I make the decision to become statistician
because I like the graph,charts
that was my mindset before
but the more I study about it
the more I like it
all about data, not just number data but also non-numeric data
conduct a survey
still have experiment to conduct (not just doctor,engineer or professor)

I don't regret with my option
if there is other person who like to pursue statistic
just go with it..
it might people say,"it's a tough"
that's the best part...challenging..
i would like to say thanks to my aunt..because of her
i see other than engineering and doctor
as my future job *wink2*
although it is based on the US, just take it something as guidance
p/s: just change it...hehehe


AidiSyafiq said...

orang banyak berfikir=hebat :-D
kakak boleh jadi syed naquib al-attas versi perempuan :-D pemikir yang agung.

ANISA said...

banyak lagi nak kena belajar...
ini pun semua belajar dari pengalaman...
xcukup lagi ilmu di dada

Ń¼dakulalaŃ¼ said...

nape cos aq x der dlm tu ..:(

Shiqeen said...

yeah.. listed :)

ANISA said...

dakulala cos kamu femus je...tgk la..myb faktor stress tu tinggi kot

shiqeen listed?? cos apa kamu??dh update balik...bising la presiden saya...tgk balik

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