Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the beginning of my mid-term break...

hye and hello everyone..
just want to update something for today..
before the mid-term break, I have terrible test..want I mean terrible..not easily been describe..

so, first thing for this mid-term.. I want to revise my subjects..
and maybe some of ou might think, "ahhh...it's your holiday...enjoy it.."
trust me.. I don't have any interesting plan to do..or to go somewhere..
rather than I just sleep,eat,and then sleep again..watching tv..
better for me to do something useful,right?

so,second is... MY RESUME..
ohh gosh.. I really don't take it seriously..
what I mean is..I don't find any good place,not even finish fill up my resume..

I hope the remaining days of my holiday, I be able to finish it,just in time..
that would be a nice feeling for me..
that's all...pleasure to write something here today...thanks guys..

this is how I feel right now..hope till the end..I will feel like this...
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