Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Breaking Down My Favourite Blog: June and July Selections

hye guys.. It's been awhile for to write something... in the mood on promoting others blog..so here are for the June and July selection...hope you guys enjoy it... although the blogs that I'm promoting are not English blogs...that I love to read them...

blogger who love to give tips like his latest entry : Tips Berhadapan Dengan orang Berlagak
which some for his tips make sense to me...and can make me laugh too.. really enjoyed read his entries..
for me most of his entry are originality from his idea.. 

the other person is going to be.... whitecappucino

one of the blogger who always comment at my blog...love to read all the entry,although busy with works but still got time to update..sometimes talk about her kids...which remind me of my little brother and sister..
anyway...I just love it...

so here goes my favorite blog for both month..I have to combine both since last month kinda busy to make any blog promotion...It's such an honor for me to do this for them...hope you guys go to their blogs...

p/s: still trying to write in English...and improve it..

1 comment:

whitecappuccino said...

alaaahai....I'm touched! tq for the review. sorry for the late response.
keep on writing nisa! :) take care

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