Thursday, July 26, 2012

what I've learn from play WORD SEARCH

hye's good to write something today.. so, for today's topic.... I've got the inspiration when I was played with the WORD SEARCH game.. so, here goes..

1. There will always have problem, but we need to find the solution. The answer is within in that all words.

2. How tough is the game? There are easy, medium and difficult.. so as our life..the obstacle are in many levels too.. no matter how tough the obstacle, the it well..

3. In my situation, which I was also amazed with it..when ever I speak out the word that I want to look at..the answer will get straight a way. Sometimes the problem we need to speak out, it might work to solve it.

4. Let other help out to search the word. It is also the same, if we ask other to help to solve our problem. Other people point of view are not the same like our own point of view.

5. Challenge yourself. Know your own limit. Test your patient and never give up to solve it.

6. Learn new words and the meaning. Same goes in our life, learn the problem that you had faced it...because we learn something from experience...don't you guys think that too?

I was able to see what is within in the about you...maybe other games also can taught us about life,rite?

anyway..when I will finish this WORD SEARCH book...

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