Friday, June 08, 2012

Review the blog with PCB

hye guys...  for today, I'm proudly presenting my review blog with Mr.PCB =)
first, we need to put PCB blog we go

Then, I've already follow PCB's blog (a long-long time ago) and his facebook (checked)
He asked me, a few questions:
1) Current follower that following this blog : 202 peoples as you can see on top of the blog in the left corner and might become more and more.

2) My Choice Blog is Aesya Zealous's blog, so go check her out!! Most of her entry, I will be read it, with her cool way of drawing it.. seriously, I mean it.. I'm kinda her secret fan which now is not secret anymore hihihi

3) My expectation in blogging?? I am hoping that I will keep on blogging because that's what I like to do. I won't give up.. Learn a lot new things, make a good connection with people and at the same time I can inspire others to do so..

4) My Anime girl's link:
owh before I forgot, you can like on Anime Girl's facebook fan page. So, it's done!!

For those who interested to do the same thing as I did, the end date is on 10th June 2012, Sunday 14th June 2012,Thursday at 11:59pm.
review blog mode

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