Tuesday, June 05, 2012

making the best of a bad time

Hye there... Just read one of article in StarMetro about making the best of a bad time..
The author (Carsten Bast) wrote about his experience where his flight no direct flights to his hometown at Berlin. Based on his experience, he learned a lot..that getting angry can only make things worse.  
"Of course, the three of us were happy to be in such a fix but it was better to try to make the best of the situation than to get angry and stressed. It would only make matters worse!"-Carsten Bast
star metro, 4th june

In my opinion, that is the best way to be done.. make it to be much better..avoid for being angry..
Try to make it frequently (practice), you might noticed something good change and positive development within you.
You will become more relaxed and calm for good or worst scenario that might happen.

One step at the time,we need to take it easy. I believe it is something can 100% adapted in a short of time..
what about you guys?? 

#change to be a better person
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