Monday, June 11, 2012

The things that I learn from twitter

Hye guys... It's been awhile for me to write something here.. 
so..The things that I learn from twitter, my intention is to share with you guys.
If some of you disagree with it, I won't mind..but it just a part for me to share it.

1. The timeline is always moving. What I mean is from time to time, it is always update
    So, even you say it 10 minutes might end up at the bottom part of the timeline.

2. Most of the users dare to used BIG-BIG words. All the negative words..if you know what I mean.. no need example for this..

3. They also tend to get personal.. For example, we don't like for this one thing..then we mention it on twitter.. for some of them, they doing it well to make a statement that get more personal...they generalize it, doesn't see so obvious.

I think this 3 things,it's more than enough for me to say it.. For this one, I try to use twitter to connect with my friends and say positive things.. I always remember what my parents said when I was younger, "What ever things we actually reflects you.."


Zul Fattah said...

that true.. watch our self first.. before judge the people..

it's true?

Yasmin Aris said...

mcm best je twitter ni . huhu

beLLa said...

nice one dear. mmg apa y kte ckp reflect ourself. tp who are people to jugde us? ;p

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