Tuesday, June 12, 2012

If My Stuff Can Talk

hye there.. Have you wonder if your stuff can talk, have feelings...?? yeah, sort of like in Toy Story..
It was actually had happen to me a long-long ago.. I said, "you...my book..why so dirty..messy..look at you.." don't think that I am crazy girl.. I just had bad day at that time... Tonnes of work and friend problems..
and could you believe it, the next day..that book disappear..for real.. 
In my mind at that time, "owh, I did said not nice thing to that book...please...come back~~" (dramatic mode) ever since that day, I believe it so.. okay, I lied..actually just a glance thought of it..hahaha..

Imagine that, you are being treat like that book...what would you say..
"I have done a lot of things to you..You can write something at me..I feel pain when ever pencil or eraser were at me.. I never complain... I'm being royal to you.."

Appreciate all stuff that you have.. each of your things sure give a sentimental value to you..but if that stuff give take huge space, better for you get rid of it..

p/s: just make short story, try it if you want...It can be whether in English or Bahasa Malaysia.. Just to test how your mind work..


nur hannani said...

meh if my stuff can talk,they'd swear at me all day long~they'd hate me for sure~

Yasmin Aris said...

takut je kalau barang bley berkata-kata ni . mesty asik kena bebel je .haha

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