Monday, June 11, 2012

Breaking Down My Favourite Blog : May Selection

hye there just want share one of my favourite blog for last month..
I mean,'s kinda late to do so...but never mind huh??

I like this blog she such a warm person..
always support others segments and give away..even she so loves to promote other's blog..
so, for her dedication to do so, I would like to promote and suggest others to come and visit to her pinkish blog.. yes indeed her blog is in Bahasa Malaysia..but I just like to make it try to promote in English..
can I do so?? <which...actually I already have done it>

so, happy promoting her!!!

1 comment:

aisyah humaira' said...

thanks dear :')
Allah.. rahmati insan ini :)
doakan niera final exam kali ni.insyaALLAH akan buat entry untuk awak :)
org berbudi kita berbahasa :D