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Who Are You meant To Be Assessment quiz #6

Assalamualaikum...there's another description about the quiz that I took from Oprah's website.. this is about my secure,let's see what's the answer

wow!!! "I am the rock in a storm" but wait...careful with money?? not all the time...whenever I want to spend I will spend..for now, I spend a lot on FOOD..

Who Are You Meant To be Assessment quiz #5

Assalamualaikum...sick of my entry for today? haha don't be like that...This is just something that I want to share...last night (23 Dec) I took this quiz and just want to share how knowledgeable I am..

"you try to surpass the competence level of peers,EVEN managers" what?? okay it is look like a good thing,but I think if I be in this situation, I need slightly need to back off a bit...not to overshadow my manager.. okay I see the word CURIOUS again.."but that things,NOT people" (o o ..this sure not a good thing,is it?)

"which can make you seem smug or arrogant" that is sure me..this need to be overcome.seriously.I mean it..

Who Are You Meant To Be Assessment #4 quiz

Assalamualaikum to all reader...another post about this..haha which obviously it is an autopost..this time around to see how spontaneous I,this is the description..

when "You're a born entertainer", first in my mind I don't think that I am some sort of that artist which most of people want to be.. I just can entertain my own way..I don't know maybe with my jokes or..the way I talk,or that I can't say the letter R properly..hahaha...

Who Are You Meant to be Assessment quiz #3: striving to be creative

Assalamualaikum okay here we go again..this is one for how creative I am... I think I can use this for my interview... My strength.. #justsaying

Is this me?? hahaha I want to blushing for awhile #lols

this is one is interesting : "create an innovative blog" (second last row)
so I want to say I HAVE DONE IT!!


Who Are You Meant To be Assessment quiz #2: striving to be recognize

Assalamualaikum to all of you..if you have read the previous one..this is the extension for the description of the quiz.

"you work tirelessly" it seems like me...emm what else...workaholic??,Anisa you better watch out okay #remind

suddenly I interested at "run a 10K" might be a good challenges for me.. (I am really not good in reviewing #admitting)

Who Are You Meant to be Assessment quiz#1

Assalamualaikum to all reader.. I just took an quiz from Oprah website..
about "Who AreYou Meant To Be"

This is my scores after I took the quiz. So, this are the description. I guess this is me..a bit..wait for other description...

sweet escape

Assalamualaikum kepada semua.. entry kali ni,just nak mention...setelah berhempas pulas untuk habiskan sesi kelas untuk semester ni..jadi saya memutuskan untuk pulang ke kampung, KUALA PILAH tercinta..
hari ni hari bersejarah buat adik saya, Aslam telah buat keputusan untuk bersunat..sebelum sesi persekolah nak bermula.. dah besar dah adik saya..hahaha...setelah di'interbiu' kenapa dia nak sunat..
kerana sahabat baiknya, Qayyum telah sunat..(sweet sangat..)

boleh dikatakan ni adalah sweet escape saya before menghadapi presentation hari selasa ni dan before study week... nak exam dah...hahaha caye tak?? dah nak habis semester 5...
so, target saya dapat ANUGERAH DEKAN...hahaha (mood: semangat walaupun hati sekarang kat rumah)

so,for now..this is just my simple update..wasalam..

#9 spontaneous thursday

Assalamualaikum to all, for today segment of spontaneous Thursday
Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new Albert Einstein
this is for everyone and also me.. don't be afraid to make mistake (and yeahh I admit that's me) so, I need to change..and so are you.. (^_^) good thoughts huh??

keluar result pmr

Assalamualaikum kepada semua readers...
entry kali ni nak citer pasal result PMR nak keluar dah...

pengalaman nak dapat result...memang tak boeh nak dilupakan...
dulu buat entry untuk adik2 spm "bahang spm" hahaha
pmr xsempat nak buat entry..

sikit info masa amik PMR
1. duduk paling DEPAN dan yg first dalam dewan (angka giliran: Nxx x001)
2. bawak semua buku rujukan tiap2 hari pergi kelas..
3. antara paling awal sampai kelas (6.40pagi) sebab bapak pergi sekolah b4 pkl 7pg..
4.paling lambat balik rumah (4.00petang) sebab ikut bapak nye waktu,stay kat kelas..jumpa cikgu,buat notes+past year + siyes RAJIN (x sangka)
5. x sempat nak keluar dgn kawan (punye la budak skema)

masa dapat result: by announcing kat bilik guru...tapi siyes tak suspen sbb anak kepada cikgu syikin (anak dia yg ketiga) pergi jerit satu koridor pasal result saya...adoiii..time tu orang dah dok congrat..kang salah result mau malu lak..time tu cool je la..nak buat cam ne lagi kan...
dah dapat resu…

#17 WW: last day 3rd language class


is it hard to say "Please" and "Thank You"?

Assalamualaikum to all silent readers and active bloggers..
As for this entry,allow me to write in English..(hehehe thank you)

I realized that the words like "please" and "thank you"  seems very hard to be say..
I don't know why but maybe it just very typical minor thing to say..
I learn about this since I was in kindergarten.. At that very age, by saying "thank you" when we got chocolate,
when we want something, "mummy,can I have this please..." it is look very adorable..

What happen now..that by saying "please" and "thank you" are NOT necessary..
how many times you say "thank you" per day?
to your friends? to someone who you don't know?

so...try to say make for better place.. peace wasalam (^_^)
this entry is for all who read it...not for personal intention...

Quote Of The Day #2

If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you really love the first, you wouldn't fallen for the second
- Johnny Depp-
p/s: my roomate really like this quote...just for today,I listen like 3-5 times...