Sunday, October 09, 2011

#1 future: rollerphone

assalamualaikum and hye!! everyone..
last night, my friend and I were searched on future technology.
and...we found out about ROLLERPHONE- Concept Braclet Phone
is it awesome?? I do like it.
If this technology already in the market, I will hesitate to buy and try it.
with ergonomic design and transparent watch..this hi-tech invention will not disappoint us.  
you can watch videos, chat online, play games, read book and even listen to the music.

Actually I am now looking for a good research on my Entrepreneur subject 
about just on anything about technology that we all so curious to know.
We (my team) still searching about it. Even though we have Mobile Operating System as our topic,
but we might need a back up plan,just in case.

p/s: sorry if there just tooooo many gramatical error on my writing.. still working on be better..


  1. Ok la tu... ayat aku pham la.. tp jam ni.. betul ke ade? macam x caye je aku?

  2. ni kn future innovation...dh ada bahan nak buat,org akan go on...
    bakal 10 tahun akan datang...myb

  3. hurm.. makin moden makin serba mudah n kecil teknologi.. makin canggih..kan?

  4. taw xpe...tu sekarang semua nak makin kecik je..

  5. hee..maybe da ade...hee..pnh research pasal bnde mcm ni masa study indutrial design dulu...


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