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nasihat cikgu,ramai bekas pelajarnya ingin berumahtangga...

Assalamualaikum kepada semua yang datang kat blog saya ni...tah la nape sejak dua menjak ni,saya rajin update blog.. entry ni adalah nak citer nasihat cikgu saya kat Sains Muar.. beliau postkan status kat facebook pasal kawen awal school mate saya...kot...hahaha tak pasti lak npe cikgu post pasal ni.. selalu saya akan buat statement "aah..mmg saya tahu pun npe cikgu nk buat post ni.." (nada sarcastic) hehehe...gurau aje...

risau jugak cikgu rupanya... ada lagi ni jap2...sebahagian dari komen beliau...

jadi ni la nasihat cikgu bagi... sekadar perkongsian...masing2 ada pendapat sendiri...apa2 pun lu pikir la sendiri ( sorry ek Nabil guna tagline ni ) wasalam...harap entry ni tidak disalah tafsir...terima kasih..

next year exam??

Assalamualaikum to all.... today's entry want to talk about my exam schedule.. most of my friend will say "la,rilek dlu...exam tahun dpn" hahha...of course it is going to be next year..because now.. it is END of the year 2011.. 1st paper, ENT 600 2.15p.m-5.15p.m (5th Jan)
next, QMT 522 9am-12pm (14th Jan)
last paper,QMT 533 2.45pm-5.45pm (20th Jan) and it's going to be the verrrrryyyyyyyyy last paper...
although my schedule exam look like there's a lot of time... for me to do is just tooooo long.. should be thankful for the time that I have...
so,see you next time...

Pororo: isn't it cute??

this is not wordless Wednesday segment... just..I like this sooooooooo much....hehehe pororo~~ If I buy this,for sure that my little sis want this too.. to avoid that I will fight with, I won't buy it..huhu
hahaha...cute is it?? just admit it...rite? rite?

even I can't say word R properly for this case,I sure like to say pororo~~

is it my engagement?

Assalamualaikum to all readers.. this time my entry is about the misunderstanding on Along's engagement..
so,not me who was engaged...hahaha....

this is happen when my dad upload the pictures...and even on my fb status  hahaha... when I think back,I just want to laugh at it..
anyway I like the way my dad answer (Anuar Tahar),
actually I don't even dare to interrupt on the comment..#eh sorry,it is not me who is engage..anyway, ALONG congrats!!

di'remove' dalam list follower

Assalamualaikum kepada semua entry kali ni nak cakap,saya diremove dalam list follower dalam twitter aduii,pedih lak rasenya bila tahu..

#10 spontaneous thurday

Assalamualaikum to all...for today spontaneous session,like to share you guys the word of
mistletoe meaning is a plant with white berries, growing on trees (page 425,Oxford Mini Dictionary&Thesaurus) why I choose this? because one of Justin Bieber's hit song entitle the song.. (^_^)

aha!! one more thing, this week is a week for study or usually what we call STUDY WEEK..
my first paper is on 5th January, then 14th January and my last paper is on 20th January... Just toooooo many gap huh?? well...hahaha..just accept the date...that's all for the spontaneous moment...chow guys..

#18WW: Last class for this semester

Assalamualaikum to all...sorry for the late of my Wordless Wednesday..okay2,here goes

Who Are You Meant To be Assessment quiz # 7

Assalamualaikum to all who still read this... I give you a standing ovation...good for you...
 for this entry, how control can I be...

why I feel this score it seems to nice for me... I try to be in this control...which sometimes I can't be in know how girl emotions are,right? sometimes are unstable...which I don't like when I'm in that state...

-another autopost-