Gamer Girl by Mari Mancusi

Hey guys.. This time around my entry for a book that I read on last weekend
which usually I'm unable to finish even a book for a week.
Sometimes, my months...maybe this book got my attention.

Gamers Girl. I bought it at Kinokuniya,KLCC with RM30.50 
and I've got RM27 because of the member card.

When virtual meets reality..everything look so real.
Maddy who is talented in draw manga art and at the same time play online game computer - Field of Fantasy.
She create Allora, elf princess with magical powers then meet Sir Leo in the game.
She thought she can escape her real-life problem when she's into the game world.

Can she make it through her real world would be as amazing as she create the virtual one..

For me, it's a good book..maybe I see Maddy just like me.
So, into this manga phenomena and love games so much...and yes, once I am so addicted to game.
Even my friend, try not to teach me play Dota because afraid I'm so into it.

After I read this, one of the leason that I learn is to believe what we good at..
I mean we do have one thing that we good at,right?
Cooking, drawing, sewing, and even make other people's laugh.
It's a gift...but we need to use it in the most manner way.

The other thing that I learn is to have quality time with your family and friends.
Get to know them..We might end up regret it because not spend most of our time with them.

 It's a good book to read. Suitable as it is kinda close to us...especially like me..I mean teenagers..

Happy Reading Everyone~~ 



ary_lee said…
this book looks like an interesting reading and should be in my to-read list. However, price mahal sangat lah. LOLXD ~
Anisa Anuar said…
you can borrow if you want hehehe~~
Anuar Othman said…
Maddi Jane - Price Tag
sYiRa LoKMaN said…
hye..Syira dtg dr segmen Nak Url Blog oleh Mia Liana :)
jom singgah rumah pink Syira ^_^ insyaAllah tak rugi ..hehe
mamamursyid said…
salam kenal.. singgah dari segmen mialiana.. dan follow jugak.

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