Saturday, April 05, 2014

Shared Video : A Piece Of Chalk

Before I write about it, let me share the video first.
 Or you can just write at YouTube, "A Piece Of Chalk"

Very deep and emotional video I must say... I don't know that one piece of chalk can give someone strength. True in deed, it just a chalk..but we shouldn't see just a chalk, right?

"Do things that you love best.
and just be you..and not someone else..
Don't hold back"
 this is what I can see through this video.
or you do have other opinion about this video.
I presume this video should get standing ovation and big applause.
This is just my personal side opinion and how about you guys?
Don't you agree with me?
On top of that, I must say this boy in that video was amazing.
His dance look flawless to me. You should see it..and you might agree as well..

 Sincerely from the writer of this blog,
Anisa Anuar

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