Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Daily Savings

Hey you guys... I will tell you my financial planning. I live at Kuala Lumpur which place with high living cost. Trust me with my current salary, I can't simply spend it for no reason.

Here goes my plan. You can follow if you want. This is just my suggestion how I have done it. 

First what you need is full discipline to do this routine. At least one day save RM 1. You will amaze when your mind told you to save more than that. At first I kept RM 1 and day by day I can keep it up to RM 5.

Second thing that you need is target on what amount you want AND when you want it to be achieve. This one to be honest quite hard because once we have target to commit to it, that's complicated.

Third and I must say most important is to keep it your savings somewhere save like bank or maybe your personal investment.

I am with this mission and I would love to make all of you out there to do this mission as well. Good luck everyone.

With love,
Anisa Anuar

P/s: my mum do this more serious than I am. Now I know where I have this enthusiasm.

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