Sunday, January 08, 2012

Word Search: my fav

 Assalamualaikum to all of you guys feel?? hope everyone just fine...
just want to share my favourite thing to do...rather than surf internet of goes..

WORD SEARCH hehhee...a few days, I just start to play it back... this is when before I was about going to sleep... look's like fun huh?? IT IS FUN... some of my friends did ask me,why I end up buying this word search book...because now we have online game,right?? For me..I just like the way it should be.. Well,this book that I bought during Lawatan Kedah, I think...hahaha... very cheap one..
how about you guys?? prefer SUDOKU better? owh..I do play that too...but it just..when I play sudoku...I can't do anything else... I have to stick with it until I get answer it.. I'm just not skillful play sudoku... That's why I prefer WORD SEARCH...just relax..BUT once I play it, I just can't stop hahaha how ironic is that...
that's all from me...thanks guys..

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